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Naturally Dyed Hand Spun Silk Scarf

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Product Description

This beautiful handwoven silk scarf is made with naturally dyed organic silk.

Soft, beautiful lustre and iridescence is the hallmark of Lao silk. A versatile fibre, silk is cool in summer and adds warmth in the winter.

The quality is exquisite and requires a great deal of skill and time to complete.

Dimensions: 174cm long x 42cm wide. Tassels 10cm long

  • 100% organic silk

  • Hand spun, hand dyed with natural dyes, and hand woven on traditional wooden looms.

  • Fair Trade

Handmade | Direct from the villages | Using traditional skills | Natural dyes…

Silk weaving has been an integral part of life and culture in Laos for centuries. Most Lao village women learned the art of weaving and the traditional designs from their mothers.

Village artisans raise silkworms and collect, spin, dye and weave the yarn by hand. Lao silk is woven using ikat, supplementary wef and tapestry weave – each with its own specific patterns, motifs and texture.

Sacred by Design’s cotton and silk scarves are dyed using natural plants and herbs collected locally by villagers.  Natural dyes, in particular indigo, have been used in Laos for centuries. Natural dyes adhere well to cottons, while silk takes a bit more coaxing. Master dyers develop their skill over a lifetime, drawing out rich hues that reflect the colours of nature.

Indigo: made from the leaves and shoots of the ‘kham’ plant, found widely in the Lao countryside. The plant is left to ferment in clay vats at specific temperatures to achieve the right colourways. Deep indigo requires dyeing the fabric several times.

Orange: made from boiled onion skins and other local fruit. Vibrant or flame orange requires dyeing several times.

Red and pink: made from an insect resin known locally as ‘stick lac’. A complicated process, red and pink dyes require fibres to be soaked in gypsum before dyeing.

Ash and tamarind water are added to the dye mixture to fix the colour.

Yellow: made from bark of jackfruit tree.

Grey: made from soaking fibres in ‘mak gua’, a Lao fruit. Fibres are dyed several times in cold dye baths to achieve the right hue.



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