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Aymara Tote Bag

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Product Description

Aymara Tote Bag

One of a kind tote bag is just the right size to become your everyday bag; spacious enough for errands but perfectly suited for an evening out. It has two handles, a zip closure and a lined interior.

  • 45cm wide x 30cm long

  • 100% wool

  • Hand-dyed

  • Handwoven

  • Fair Trade

Aymara Textiles, a conscious brand that shares Andean folklore with the world.

Aymara Textiles was founded by Piera Ceresa, a young Chilean woman with a passion for art, culture and travelling.  Piera has always had a special connection with the indigenous culture in South America especially located in the northern part of Chile and southern part of Perú.

After many trips to Peru, Bolivia and the northern part of Chile, Piera began to understand and appreciate the textile tradition and it’s importance to their culture.  What amazed her the most was the deep history and dedication behind the practice and how it is used to tell stories and art expression.

Piera soon realised that this beautiful practice was becoming extinct and the concept of Aymara Textiles was born.  Working directly with the Aymara and Quechua communities, Piera helps keep their tradition and culture alive by presenting their artwork in modern and stylish ways.  This sustainable brand stands out for their colourful fabrics and the cultural wealth they transmit.

Aymara Textiles is not just about helping people, it is about saving a whole culture.

FAIR TRADE – Aymara Textiles works with a fair trade organisation, where the ladies get motivated to weave and keep the traditions as they get paid a fair amount.

SUSTAINABLE & ORGANIC – Aymara Textiles are 100% sustainable and organic.  The process has no negative impact to the environment. The community maintain their own alpacas, llamas or sheep and shave them once a year.  The process of the fleece has no chemicals involved.  The colours are 100% natural coming from species of flowers

HANDWOVEN – Aymara Textiles are 100% handwoven by the Aymara and Quechua communities.  They tell stories about their family and their generations.


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