LOVEbomb Jewellery

LOVEbomb Jewellery from Sacred by Design

1964 - 1973 Laos
two million tons of ordnance were dropped on Laos during 580,000 bombing missions
1 B-52 plane load of bombs
every 8 minutes - 24 hours a day - for 9 years
Laos is one of the most heavily bombed country per capita in history
At the current rate of removal, it will take an estimated 800 years to clear all unexploded ordnance.
These startling facts were the driving force in the Sacred by Design quest to help change. 



From the heart of Laos, LOVEbomb jewellery is cast from melted bomb fragments, in wood and ash moulds.

Upcycled from safely sourced bomb scraps by artisans in Laos and made under Fair Trade conditions, each piece serves as a peaceful reminder of destruction, reconstruction and a hopeful future.

Each LOVEbomb product sold assists with safe land clearance and supports the artisans to provide for their families and village development.

Sacred by Design works with Saoban, a Lao NGO (non government organisation) who grew out of a community development program under it’s parent organisation called PADETC (Participatory Development Training Centre) which focuses on community empowerment and poverty alleviation.

PADETC is an indigenous, all-Lao organization committed to making a unique and distinctive contribution to the development of Laos. They integrate socially sustainable programs in education, agriculture, micro-finance, handicrafts and community leadership.

Together we follow Fair Trade principles to ensure that the artisans receive a fair price for their products and the benefits extend to the whole community.

In addition, Sacred by Design donates a percentage of their annual sales back into the Laos community, focusing on education & sanitation.

 LOVEbomb - Made by PEACEmakers for PEACElovers

 Sacred by Design is proud to be part of this project and thanks you for your support.