Our Story

LOVEbomb Founder Sue Mason

If someone told me three years ago that by now, I’d be designing and making jewellery from bomb material and travelling to Laos to deliver my donations from the sale of these creations, I would have called them bonkers!

I had been searching for more purpose in life since the age of 40. After ten years, I finally found it. 

When I was given a piece of jewellery made from one of the bombs dropped in Laos, I felt an instant connection with the region and the issues its people face. Until LOVEBomb found me through this piece, I was unaware of what is known as the “Secret War” which was a result of the Vietnam War.  The devastation from this conflict continues to the present day.

I tracked down the NGO who represented the jewellery I was given, and now I work with the local artisans of Xieng Khuang Province, who make my own designs from aluminum recycled after bombs are safely dismantled. Three years on, we have helped artisans with income opportunities; delivered school and sporting supplies to children of the province; built handwashing stations and a mud brick library. Currently, we are sponsoring the building of a new kindergarten and primary school in a very remote area of Laos that has seen virtually no NGO activity.

Visiting Laos and seeing first-hand the positive impact that LOVEBomb has made is both overwhelming and humbling.  A true realisation and understanding of the life these people lead. So far removed from what we take for granted in our daily life.

I will never forget the experience of meeting these wonderful people.  An experience that inspires and motivates me constantly to continue this work with them.

It’s a win-win: I am now living with genuine passion for what I do, and satisfaction from being able to make a meaningful difference in the world.   In other words, I am living my truth.

   Sacred by Design is many things. But fundamentally, it’s about helping others and living a more satisfying life.  
These are the starling facts that were the driving force in my quest to help.
1964 – 1973 Laos
Two million tons of ordnance were dropped on Laos during 580,000 bombing missions
1 B-52 plane load of bombs
every 8 minutes
24 hours a day
for 9 years
At the current rate of removal, it will take an estimated 800 years to clear all unexploded ordnance.
I now partner with a Laos NGO and together we work with the artisans in the Xieng Khuang Province who produce my LOVEbomb designs made from safely sourced recycled aluminium bomb parts.  We follow fair trade principles and help build small-scale, environmentally and socially responsible businesses and income generation opportunities.
August 2017 visit to distribute education supplies
August 2016, Xieng Khuang Province  - distributing education supplies to the schools and having a fun time with the children
All donations from the sale of LOVEbomb Jewellery stay in the village, creating a stable, sustainable livelihood for this rural community with a focus on education and sanitation.
Sacred by Design also offers products from other social enterprises.  The creators of these products have inspiring stories and I just love offering them another platform to help with their vision.  There are amazing people out there, all making a difference.
If all of us did nothing more than show loving kindness to each other, the world would be a different, better place.
If all of us did nothing more than buy something that’s earth-friendly and socially responsible, the world would be a different, better place. 
And in the end, every single one of us wins.
As conscious consumers we have the power to change the world by just being mindful in what we buy.
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