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The Mindful Shopper

While rampant consumerism isn’t dead, shoppers have become environmentally conscious and more selective when it comes to gift giving. Macquarie Business School’s Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, Jana Bowden, explains in this latest article.

The LOVEbomb brand has been a part of the “Ethical and Sustainable Trade Practices” movement since its inception six years ago.  LOVEbomb, a Fair Trade brand, started its journey in the local market scene and even back then customers wanted to know about the story behind the brand, where it was made, how it was made and the journey from its origin.

Transparency in sourcing, producing and the manufacturing of wares are on the forefront of consumers’ mind. LOVEbomb is able to deliver on all of these, since we are in constant contact with our people on the ground, building a step-by-step framework for efficient supply delivery and reliable stock availability.

As a retailer, it is vital to align with this growing movement of “conscious consumerism” and offer the customer more than just a beautiful space to shop.  Consumers are armed with a plethora of information and are genuinely interested to learn about the story behind the brand and how it aligns with their values.