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With restrictions being slightly lifted it is wonderful to take moments outside experiencing the sights, sounds and smells of nature.

The sounds, crispness and vibration of a fresh ocean breeze, being enveloped in the beautiful aroma of a blossoming plant or flower and observing the intense activity of the birds and insects around it as you pass by. The warming feeling of the sun or the deep and rich smell of a pending rain shower.

Then, invigorated and energised, it is time to go back inside as we stay at home.
A great way to continue that energy, inspiration, sensation and atmosphere is to subtly fill your place of isolation with the magnificent and enriching aroma of Shoyeido incense.

Widely considered to be the highest quality and finest natural incense in the world, Shoyeido’s unique blending techniques for their stick incense does not require a bamboo core. Therefore the fragrance you enjoy is that of pure incense rather than the smoke of a superfluous wooden base.

We stock the entire daily incense range that consists of eight uniquely blended incenses crafted from high-quality natural materials.

If you are new to Shoyeido’s daily range why not try the sampler pack.