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Well done Soap4Life.  What a magnificent milestone.

The timing of this current cycle of completion and culmination of seven years of commitment and dedication could not come at a more poignant and significant moment in the history of world events.

Who could have imagined the profound effect the hand washing stations, soap and water filtration would prove to have, especially in light of the current situation the world is struggling to come to terms with day by day.

Well Mac and La and Soap4life knew and were passionate about taking this journey they believed in so much. We would like to acknowledge the work done by them. It is easy to send money and congratulatory messages of support, but it is the ones on the ground actually working tirelessly every day to achieve these outcomes and realise the goals who are the people that deserve the credit and thanks for their vision and belief.

Every nation has humble, unsung heroes giving all their time and efforts to selflessly improve the lives and future of those around them for the betterment and benefit of the whole country.

In Mac and La and Soap4life, Laos is fortunate to have shining examples of the best of these the world has to offer.

Congratulations to all. We know your story will continue its positive journey and we will work with you, rejoicing in the next milestones as they are achieved.

LOVEbomb Jewellery is honoured to have played a part in this journey.