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LOVEbomb Jewellery and MV Skincare: Building Hand Washing Stations in Laos

It’s no secret that LOVEBomb supports local artisans in Laos by paying fairly in return for the manufacturing of our jewellery components, as well as the children through providing educational supplies and building schools. Apart from the school we are building in a remote area of Laos, we also support Soap4Life in their project of building hand washing stations for public schools. To date, we have donated funds for the construction and installation of seven stations.

Why Hand Washing?

Washing our hands after using the bathroom and before eating, with clean water and soap – is essential for preventing infectious diseases, such as those that cause diarrhoea and pneumonia.

A lack of facilities for hygiene practices, such as clean water, and no knowledge of why hygiene is so important are major contributors to the hygiene-preventable infections still cause tens of thousands of deaths each year in developing countries.

We do not want to see children with these infections in today’s world; we want our children to be happy, healthy and able to achieve a bright future.


Our Partnership with MV Organic Skincare

Not only do MV Organic Skincare support LOVEbomb Jewellery as part of their MV Curated on-line store, they have also generously donated to the construction of hand washing stations over the past two years. One example of our work together is the construction of a handwashing station at Fasikham Pre-School, Kindergarten and Primary School Complex, installed in May 2018. Real children are enjoying improved health – this is not something we simply measure by numbers, but by smiling faces and more time spent at school or outside playing. As we headlined our announcement of the Fasikham School Complex hand washing station, we are the world. Their children are our children.

MV was born from a desire to provide health-promoting skincare in 1999, years before all-natural products became popular. Ingredients are cruelty-free, pesticide-free, and organic where possible, and the range does not contain any petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, silicones, artificial fragrances or genetically modified ingredients. Neither agricultural producers, manufacturers nor customers are exposed to toxic ingredients. Naturally, MV’s concern for global health has extended to supporting hygiene projects in rural Laos, where infectious disease often strikes before chronic issues from toxin exposure can. No one is left behind, no one is forgotten in this model.

In many ways, everyone on this Earth is connected – we are all united as the one human race – so we at Sacred by Design and MV Organic Skincare are always thrilled to see another hand washing station installed by Soap4Life. The ability to wash our hands with clean water and soap means better health and more opportunities, wherever we are.